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RE: NFS-Root


>Best would be if Axis made their kernel accept a kernel 

How would that command line be supplied? Other architechtures
(such as ARM) allows the commandline to be specified in 
kernelconfig and I will probably do the same for CRIS some day. 
To modify the ethernetdriver to allow the MAC address to be 
set by a command line option is simple.


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> I tried to use a nfs-root enabled kernel on the developer board lx. I
> had to modify the kernel's setup.c to pass additional arguments. This
> works, however, two problems occured:

I also did this a couple of months ago but didn't have any trouble with the 
consle. Worked fine. The MAC was a bigger issue though, had to delve into the 
ethernet driver to change the default MAC set from there. However, this is a 
realy ugly hack. Best would be if Axis made their kernel accept a kernel 
commandline, or second best, if it could be set at kernel compile time.