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serial ports on devboard_lx


We are evaluating the AXIS developer boards for use in a communications
product. I am trying to distinguish between the various serial ports on
the devboard_lx to correlate their names to those in various documents.
Here is what I have understood:

Linux|Extern|Axis|                |        |   Other
Name |Name  |Name|     Type       |Status  | Functions
ttyS0|com1  |ser0|RS-232 w/fifo   |Enabled |  -
ttyS1| -    |ser1|RS-232?? wo/fifo|Disabled|  -
ttyS2|com2  |ser2|RS-232 w/fifo   |Enabled |  Debug/Rescue
ttyS3| -    |ser3|RS-422          |Enabled |  -

?? - Does ttyS1 carry RS-232 voltage levels? Or would we have to use a
level shifter to get RS-232 levels?

Is this understanding correct?

Some questions about the board:

Q1. What are the UARTs used on the RS-232 ports?

Q2. What is the UART on the RS-422/485 port?

Q3. Is there a "hardware manual" for the board?

Q4. What is the role of a "rescue" port?

Thanks in advance.