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Re: SSH/SFTPD port for devboard

El lun, 24-03-2003 a las 19:11, Paul Krause escribió:
> All,
> 	I was wondering if anyone had a devboard lx port of either SSH or SFTPD (secure FTP).  I'm basically trying to answer the
> question of how do we safely, securely get files down to the devboard.  I've successfully ported vsftp (very secure FTP) on the
> devboard, but alone it still leaves the username and password out in the open.
> 	If anyone has a port or any other ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.  Otherwise, I'm looking doing some coding to encrypt
> the username/password exchange.
> Thanks,
> Paul

I have not continued on these issues but some months ago I compiled the 
openssl (v.0.9.7 and 0.9.7a) libraries for etrax and I think they were
working (I'm not sure at all....).

I can't attach the whole Makefile  I used here  (I had to do some minor
modifications) but if you're interested in  I can send it to you.

Hope this helps