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Attention HW and SW consultants

Dear developers,

I know quite a few of you are employed or independent consultants
who are by experienced in design and development on the ETRAX

Axis regurarly received requests for campanies who look for local 
consultants to help them with their designs. This can be larger 
projects, involving both HW & SW and even manufacturing, or just 
short-term work solving specific issues during their development.

I'd like to know who you are, so I can possibly direct customers to you.

Please contact me by email! 

I need to know:

Company name
Company web site
Contact person
Phone, Address, etc

What type of business do you do, and what's your expertise?

Your experience with ETRAX?

Your experience with Linux development in general?

What area(s) of the world does your company cover?

Languages you speak?

Anything else you can think of that will be useful?

You can also send me your brochures, if any.

Best Regards
Fredrik Norrman
 Fredrik Norrman, M.Sc.E.E              Email: FredrikN@xxxxxxx.com
 Business Development Manager, OEM      Phone: +46-46-2721875
 Axis Communications                    Fax:   +46-46-136130
 Emdalavägen 14, S-223 69 Lund, Sweden