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zlib, ktest, console (newbie)

I'm new to embedded Linux and Axis products and installed the SDK.
It works and I made reasonable progress. But I could have been faster if I 
hadn'nt run into some problems which I'll describe shortly for other 
newcomers who might encounter the same troubles.

Im working on a freshly installed Debian.
zlib headers were missing:
   apt-get install zlib1g-dev

I wanted to get rid of the console output on the serial port (ttyS0) 
because I needed the port for my application. This invovles compiling and 
installing a new kernel [hmpf - the temperarture rises]. It isn't what I'd 
chosen to start with but OK, let's try.

Hold that boot mode button down LONG ENOUGH !!!
I released it as soon as I saw some output on the serial port [cost me two 
hours or so]

I configured the kernel to get rid of the symbolic link
/dev/console -> /dev/ttyS0
then "make kernel", "make images", "ktest"
But: the link is generated by "make files" which wasn't obvious to me.
I still have to find out which file is used "kernelconfig" or 
"kernelconfig.latest" but that's for tomorrow.

Good luck