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RE: Ethernet transceiver - PHY address


The current software has phy address hardcoded to 0 but it is easy
to modify the software to use any other value (or probe it). 
In arch/cris/drivers/ethernet.c you'll find the constant
MDIO_HPYS_ADDR (or something like that).

What is the problem with ICS1893af? Do you get 0xffff when you
read registers? Check tat the 20 MHz clock is running and that
the reset signal to the transceiver is correct.


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The BCM on the developer board has its phy address pins connected to ground.
We're trying to use an ICS1893af, which seems not to work properly with its 
phy address set to zero.

Can we just use a different address, or does the etrax 100LX use a hardcoded 
PHY address of zero?

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