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Re: Ethernet transceiver - PHY address

On Monday 07 April 2003 15:56, Mikael Starvik wrote:
> The current software has phy address hardcoded to 0 but it is easy
> to modify the software to use any other value (or probe it).
> In arch/cris/drivers/ethernet.c you'll find the constant
> MDIO_HPYS_ADDR (or something like that).

The linux driver should be no problem, but I'm a bit worried about 
Where does the phy address come from in that case?

> What is the problem with ICS1893af? Do you get 0xffff when you
> read registers? Check tat the 20 MHz clock is running and that
> the reset signal to the transceiver is correct.

I haven't connected it yet, but I read in the datasheet that it sets its 
outputs to tristate when address 0 is used.

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