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Re: crash in c++ library (sstream)

Thank you for your report!

> From: "Thomas Meier" <meier@xxxxxxx.ch>
> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 10:42:02 +0200

> I am using the Etrax LX software version 2.1.0 with linux kernel 2.4.14 and
> cris-tools version 2.96.

That 2.96 is a base GCC development version (and not even an
official release number; that's just a number found in CVS at a
time and made famous by Red Hat).  It unfortunately doesn't give
sufficient information.  What does "gcc-cris -v" say?  If it
doesn't say "gcc version 2.96 Axis release R45/1.24", then
please consider an upgrade.

> The whole system crashes, when I try to use the str() method of the
> ostringstream class (STL).

> This short example code shows the problem:

Not for me, compiled with "g++-cris -mlinux -O2 -o gg /tmp/g.cc"
with any of cris-dist-1.21 to 1.24.  I'd like to repeat this
problem so I know whether it's actually solved.  How did you
compile and link this?  Did you specify any libraries to link

Thanks in advance.

brgds, H-P