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ktest problem

Hello All,

I've been happily developing a couple of apps on the Device Server using 
ftp to put them on the board. No real problems encountered.

I now want burn a new ROM system with my apps and so must use ktest.

I do all the 'makes' and end up with the new images
On the devboard_lx I then hold down the boot button and press the reset 
(As I press and release reset the green led goes off and then on)
I run ktest on the host. The host shows:

* size is 2088960 0x001fe000
Using internal boot loader:  DBG2 - Debug on ser2
Starting boot...
Booting device with random id bffaf54c

The yellow / orange led on the devboard_lx comes on.
The devboard_lx reports (via ser2):


Then I wait..... nothing changes on both host and target. ( How long is 
this supposed to take?)

After 1 hour I think there may be a problem......

I am using software from devboard_lx_R2_1_0.tgz. I have made no changes 
to existing system. My host is a Red Hat 8.0 system

Can some one please help? I suspect I've missed something obvious.....


Bob Hibberdine