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Im transitioning my code from the etrax 100 lx system to the axis82
platform toallow some folks to quickly evaluate it. In order to speed up the transition
I retained my network rc startup scripts and dhclient code that support
vlans.All seems to run fine. I have a problem when I try to do an ftp flash of the
system. It seems to hang, waiting for something. I modified inittab and keep
the sh running in runlevel 4 and can see that the network remains up ( I was
killing it ), /mnt/flash/etc has been unmounted, my dhclient is still up and
running, the flash pgm is running. Was there something in the new rc run
scripts, ie net net.eth0, net.eth1, or
net.wait that the flash was expecting to be there? I don't configure eth1.
Any thoughts before I go digging?