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RE: axis82

> Hi,
> Im transitioning my code from the etrax 100 lx system to the axis82
> platform toallow some folks to quickly evaluate it. In order 
> to speed up the transition
> I retained my network rc startup scripts and dhclient code 
> that support
> vlans.All seems to run fine. I have a problem when I try to 
> do an ftp flash of the
> system. It seems to hang, waiting for something. I modified 
> inittab and keep
> the sh running in runlevel 4 and can see that the network 
> remains up ( I was
> killing it ), /mnt/flash/etc has been unmounted, my dhclient 
> is still up and
> running, the flash pgm is running. Was there something in the 
> new rc run
> scripts, ie net net.eth0, net.eth1, or
> net.wait that the flash was expecting to be there? I don't 
> configure eth1.
> Any thoughts before I go digging?

Do you get any useful output on the debug port?