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devboard_lx don't boot afrer flashing to 2.11

Hello i just flushed my devboard_lx with 2.11 firmware.
(./flashit -i ./axis2490.bin)

then i proceed as desribed in the manual for setting an IP address. but
the board does not take the IP and dont responce to ping. arp entry is
auto deleted soon.

i also noticed bootpc packet from the devboard_lx:
23:25:48.415581 > 
xid:0x184a0000 secs:2560 flags:0x8000 [|bootp]
23:25:49.300778 0:90:27:c7:1f:31 > Broadcast sap e0 ui/C

pls could somebody help me to make my devboard bootble? snif snif..

Thanks !