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RE: problem to flush ...

Oops, I forgot that boot_elinux needs vmlinuz. Try this instead:

etrax100boot --setreg b0000000 000095f8 --setreg b0000038 01001ef3 --setreg b0000004 00000104 --setreg b0000030 00001df0 --setreg b0000008 00005611 --setreg b000000c 1a200040 --bootfile DBG2 --file fimage c0000500 --flash c0010500 10000 1f0000 --jump 0

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i tested flushit and boot_elinux.

where can i get information on the upgrade process? I only find the FTP
way. FTP don't work, so i need to flush it with CBL/SBL...

boot_elinux say what it need kernel image vmlinuz, where can i find it ?

Thanks !

Alexandre Poltorak