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debugging on devboard82

i am trying to debug a multithreaded application on the devboard82, but it 
doesnt work too well - 
i added the backtrace() call to print out a stack trace after a segv. even
after enabling debugging (-g for CFLAGS, -s for LDFLAGS), the backtrace
does not show me function names. also, the address where i induce core
dumps do not match with the address shown to me by backtrace() and

gdbserver and gdb-cris do not seem to work either. 
i started gdbserver on the axis box at ip address X like: 
gdbserver hostip:1234 foo
it only says 
Inferior started, and (once i start gdb-cris on the host)
Remote debugging using hostip:1234

gdb cris on the host, i gave 
target remote X:1234, and it only prints out 
Remote debugging using X:1234
0x35557564 in ?? ()

then if i say run, it just stops and gsbserver says "Killing inferior"

how should i proceed?