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RE: Chat On ttyS0

The serial port has two functions:

1. Debug port. Disable by setting debug to some other port or null
in kernel configuration (make menuconfig in os/linux, choose port
under "Hardware setup". Remember to do make kernen after 
configuration has been changed.
2. Login port. agetty is started in files/etc/inittab. Remove this
line to disable the serial port login (also remove it if you
change serial port to null).

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I'm using the Axis dev board for bluetooth, which has one serial port.  I
want to connect this port to a modem and use chat to initialise the modem,
and then make a ppp connection.  But the port is also used to logon to
linux.  How do I use this port for the modem only?  What is the logon
program/process that I need to disable and how do I disable it?