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RE: Chat On ttyS0

> The serial port has two functions:
> 1. Debug port. Disable by setting debug to some other port or null
> in kernel configuration (make menuconfig in os/linux, choose port
> under "Hardware setup". Remember to do make kernen after 
> configuration has been changed.

And note that the creation of the /dev/console symlink in the top
level Makefile is wrong (which has been pointed out before on this
list). It looks for debugport in kernelconfig, but it should look
in kernelconfig.latest. I.e. if you don't change:

        PORTNUM=`grep '^CONFIG_ETRAX_DEBUG_PORT.=y' kernelconfig \
                         | cut -c 24` ; \

        PORTNUM=`grep '^CONFIG_ETRAX_DEBUG_PORT.=y' kernelconfig.latest \
                         | cut -c 24` ; \

and do "make files" (or "make install") then /dev/console will
still be a symlink to the serial port.

Best regards