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RE: Perl

Cool! Did it require lots of work to port Perl (not counting the GCC
3.2.2 bugs :-)? How large is the application (after debug and symbol
information has been stripped)?


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I'm currently in the process of porting gentoo linux to etrax. perl-5.8 
is running on my development-board. It is compiled using gcc-3.2.2 but 
it might be running on the environment axis provides.

Feel free to contact me for the tarballs.

Best regards, Uwe

Szabo, Tamas wrote:
> Hello,
> I saw some question in connection with Perl on the list (those are a bit
> old) but I did not find exact solution.
> Did anybody port Perl for ETRAX? Of course I know that a full-featured Perl
> is so big, but I think it may possible use some reduced version.
> Thanks,
> Sza2.
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