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Serial Port

I'm trying to set up serial port 0 to talk to a modem using a chat script.
The bluetooth board only has one port, I've managed to turn off the
debugging and logon following the instructions in an earlier post.  But I'm
not sure how to configure the port and would appreciate any suggestions or
direction to any doco.

I've had a look through the kernel configuration:

Under 'Drivers for Etrax 100' I've selected 'serial port support' and
enabled 'port 0'.
Under 'Character Devices' I've selected 'Non-standard serial support'.  I
looked through the mailing list archives and found where it says to select
Etrax under this option, but Etrax is not listed so I haven't selected
Under 'Rescue port' I've left the selection on 'serial-0'.  I've made the
assumption that this won't stop me doing what I'm trying to do.

Everything compiles okay.

I ran 'chat -v' and expected to see something on the port, but saw nothing.
I saw something there when the board was still configured for debug and
logon, should I see something now?  If not, how do I write to this port to
test that it's working.  How do I configure the port's baud rate etcetera?
I know these are pretty basic questions, if someone could at least point me
to some doco I would appreciate it.