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make modules and make modules_install

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Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 4:12 PM
Subject: make modules and make modules_install

Is there a resolution to the following thread on your mailing list?
I am using devboard_lx-R2_1_0 with linux-2.4.19.
The 'kernel' rule in the Makefile I have looks like this...
## kernel - Build new kernel (vmlinuz).
##          Use this target to rebuild the kernel if you have made changes to
##          the kernel source (in $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR)) or reconfigured the kernel
##          (changed the contents of $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR)/.config).
##          If the build after a reconfiguration is successful the new
##          configuration will be saved in kernelconfig.latest.
.PHONY: kernel
 @if test ! -f kernelconfig.latest \
       -o ! -f $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR)/.config; then \
  cp kernelconfig $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR)/.config ; \
  rm -f kernelconfig.latest ; \
 @xxxxxxx.config \
     2> /dev/null ; then \
  ($(MAKE) -C $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR) oldconfig \
   && $(MAKE) -C $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR) dep \
   && $(MAKE) -C $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR) clean) || exit 1; \
 cp $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR)/.config kernelconfig.latest
 $(MAKE) vmlinuz