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RE: make modules and make modules_install

> I got no response from the developers....I just compile the module
> manually using gcc-cris and then 'ftp' it to the box.

The Makefile in devboard_82 handles modules, but the older Makefiles
in devboard_lx and devboard_bt doesn't. The changes made in deboard_82
will eventually find their way into deboard_lx and devboard_bt...

Meanwhile, add:

        @xxxxxxx.latest; then \
                $(MAKE) -C $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR) INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(prefix) \
                modules ; \

to the end of the "kernel" target, add this target:

.PHONY: kernel_modules_install
        @xxxxxxx.latest; then \
                $(MAKE) -i -C $(AXIS_KERNEL_DIR) INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(prefix) \
                        modules_install ; \

and change the dependency list of the "install" target so it looks like this:

install: kernel_modules_install files

To inslude the installed modules you also need to add this to the
"cramfs.img" target before meta_name2nbr is executed:

                if grep '^CONFIG_MODULES=y' kernelconfig.latest; then \
                        if ! grep -q 'Include: modules' \
                             $(prefix)/lib/romfs_meta.txt; then \
                                echo "##### Adding kernel modules #####" ; \
                                echo "Include: modules" \
                                     >> $(prefix)/lib/romfs_meta.txt; \
                        fi ; \

I think that will be all.

Best regards