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I2C on devboard 82

I want to attach an I2C-Bus-Serial-EEPROM (128 Bit, very small) to my
devboard 82.
Via "make xconfig" I activated "I2C support" in the kernel.
I connect the chip via the pins X20.24 and X20.25 (PB0 and PB1).

My questions now:
1. How to use the I2C-driver? Is there any documentatin?
I only found the description of the registers in
ET100LX_19_Internal_Registers_020725.book.pdf. And something in
axis/devboard_82/os/linux/Documentation/i2c/, but this does not seem to
match the function-names from

2. Is there any example source-code how to use the I2C-driver? Like writing
a word to an EEPROM?

3. Are there any restrictions using PB0 and PB1 as in the

4. What about the option "I2C EEPROM support" in the kernel-configuration?
Should I use this?

Thanks in advance for any hint and help,