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Gentoo for cris


I'm still trying to port gentoo linux (http://www.gentoo.org) to cris. I 
got pretty far, however I am still having two major problems:

1. cris-dist-glibc or any other glibc can't be comiled on cris.
2. python-2.2.2 configures wrongly on cris (but can be compiled if 
configured on a different architecture)

I really would liked to present a stage1 image, but those problems are 
preventing me from doing so. So I decided to set up a web server which 
serves a snapshot of my gentoo system for cris. The server is running on 
the devboard which bootet into my current snapshot of gentoo for cris. 
It can be reached at http://pulsar.homelinux.net:81 . The directory 
http://pulsar.homelinux.net:81/usr/local/cris-portage contains the build 
scripts, http://pulsar.homelinux.net:81/usr/portage/packages contains 
the resulting binaries.

Currently, there's no binary for glibc, as it is not compilable on cris. 
The glibc used is cris-dist-glibc-1.25 cross compiled on an i686 with 

Also, there's no binary for python, as it does not configure right on cris.

Please send any questions or comments to cris-gentoo@xxxxxxx.net

Have fun, Uwe