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Can't load boot code - "Bootloader corrupt." message

I can build images, but they won't load with the "ktest" script..
I get the following message:

  * size is 1974272 0x001e2000
  Using internal boot loader: DBG2 - Debug on ser2.
  Bootloader corrupt.  Should contain nops but dont.  d3f3800

Latest devloper code (downloaded last week).  Linux kernel 2.4.14 as
specified in the docs.
What is wrong?
Any other information needed to help?

Sid Mayer

----- background info:

Just installed dev LX on RedHat Linux 9 system, follwed instructions to
get linux kernel
source 2.4.14 (from linux.org site), and did build (./install script).
Code is installed in:
Kernel source in the usual place (os/linux).
First time building , got errors mostly in "tools", about UTF-8
I found a note about that in the maillist, and set environment vars
and LC_ALL=C.
Then I did:
   cd tools
   make clean
   make              (no charset errors now..)
and later did same for kernel (clean and rebuild).
Then did make install, and make images again.
But the problem remains.