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ktest errors

Sorry for bugging, but I'm a new user. I've compiled the images(make install, make kernel, make images) and but the board in network boot mode. Then I've type ./ktest to test the kernel. However I've got alot of error messages. They look like this:
Malformed UTF-8 character ... in boot_linux line xxx
and at the last line:
Using internal boot loader: Internal_NW-Network boot (default)
Bootloader corrupt. Should contain ret/nop (0x12345678) at 0xc, but 
contains 43211234

when I run ./flashit
Argument "14c52385" isn't numeric in int at 
line 325, <FILE> line 41.
Can't exec "etrax100boot": Argument list too long at 
line 241.

What can I do to correct these problems.

Thanks in advance
Murat Loo.

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