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Syntax error in executable on AXIS

Hello all.  I'm a new AXIS developer and it's good to see such an active
group here on the mailing list.  I'm running Devboard_lx 2.1.0, Cris 1.22
and kernel 2.4.14, developing under Redhat Linux 8.0.

I have successfully built a simple "hello world" C app, as well as some of
the sample apps code (hwtest, hwtestrtc, hwtestserial), and all run on my
AXIS developer LX board.

I then wrote a C program that tests serial communication with an external
device I'm working with, and under Linux (host) it runs flawlessly.

Upon building it for AXIS (cris-axis-linux-gnu), it initially got grumpy
about the location of my variable definitions.  After moving all variable
definations to the beginning of my functions, it compiled without error.

However, upon running it on my AXIS dev_lx board, I get:

1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected.

Are there other quirks in AXIS C development I need to be aware of?  I saw a
reference to this error on the mail list archive but there wasn't a


Matthew Eash
centipede designs, inc.