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Re: Re(2): Re(2): Problem with external dma and linked lists.

Are you sure you haven't written anything else to the 
R_EXT_DMA0_CMD after you have set the transfer counter ?
Each write to the R_EXT_DMA0_CMD will also write the transfer 
counter since the transfer counter is a field in the 
R_EXT_DMA0_CMD register. This can be prevented by writing a 
word (16-bit) value to R_EXT_DMA0_CMD + 2 instead of writing 
the full R_EXT_DMA0_CMD register.

Per Zander

On Tue, 6 May 2003, Arne Bockholdt wrote:

> Hallo Per,
> thank you for your help, after some modifications based on your mail, it
> works nearly as expected now. The only problem remains is the transfer
> counter. I implemented the method with d_eop, It seems that the transfer
> counter seems to be updated the wrong way. After I transfered all of my
> data to the connected FPGA the transfer counter is still not 0. The
> Start/Stop bit of register R_EXT_DMA_0_STAT is cleared but the counter
> part isn't 0. The data has been transfered successfully at this point. I
> disabled the transfer counter interrupt but I need the counter to measure
> the number of transfered data. The weird thing is that the counter will
> never reach 0 even if I set it to the value of bytes / 2 for a new
> transfer and transfer the data. (I do NOT reset the DMA controller before
> each new transfer, I think this should be okay, isn't it ?)
> BTW: I can't find a single word of the information you gave me by mail in
> the official documentation. I really think that the docu should be updated
> in the external DMA part.
> Thank you once again,
> 	Arne Bockholdt
> per.zander@xxxxxxx.com schreibt:
> >If you don't set eop, you will not get the eop interrupt and 
> >you will not advance the CH4_FIRST pointer to the next packet 
> >(i.e. to NULL if you only have one). You will however process 
> >the DMA data buffer and send it out to the external DMA. 
> >
> >If you choose the approach to skip eop in the output descriptors,
> >you could use e.g. R_DMA_CH4_DESCR and the dma4_descr interrupt /
> >DMA descriptor intr bit to track the DMA progress.
> >Another approach could be to use eop in the descriptors but restart
> >the external DMA channel when you get the dma4_eop interrupt.
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