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Re: GCC 3.2.3

> Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 09:04:49 -0500
> From: bh <bh@xxxxxxx.com>

> Can anyone suggest a configuration switch that can get past this problem. I am trying
> to build GCC 3.2.3 just to check it out.
> The error:

> Assembler messages:
> Fatal error: emulations not handled in this configuration

The GCC being built finds the host system assembler.  You need
to make sure it finds the CRIS assembler.  You also need to
configure for --target=cris-axis-linux-gnu, or you won't be able
to build programs for the GNU/Linux-based devboard_lx (assuming
that's what you want to build for).

These are just two issues.  This isn't an Axis-supported build,
and you're not near your goal of building a cross-toolchain
based on 3.2.3.  When you reach that goal, you'll find that
there are problems with the code in the current devboard_lx
release (which are said to be fixed for devboard_82).  Sorry, at
this point you have to rely on other on-line resources.

brgds, H-P