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Interfacing Axis to 8/16 bit device

Can be0, be1, be2, and be3 be use in selecting which byte from the peripheral chip - assuming I'm 
interfacing to a 16/8 peripheral and need sometimes to get the high byte or low byte.  Or is be0..be3
strictly for dram access?

here's the bus access function
io write
func mode /cs  /uds  /lds    r/w       d[15:8]   d[7:0]
  standby  H    x      x      x          x         x
  byte     L     H     L      L          x         odd byte
           L     L     H      L         evenbyte   x
word acc   L     L     L      L         evenbyte   odd byte

io read
  standby  h     x     x      x          high-z     high-z
  byte     L     H     L      H          invalid    odd byte
           L     L     H      H          even byte  not valid
  word     L     L     L      H          even byte  odd byte