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RE: Interpreter / dynamic C libraries (.so)


>But I am to lazy ;-) and do not want to write a full featured parser.

Well, that isn't really lazy. It would be insane to write your own
C-parser from scratch.

A C-interpreter would probably be at least as big as Perl. In some
of our products we us PHP as scripting language. I don't remember
the size of it but I think it is ~300K.

If you need a powerful language you will also have to pay for
it with lots of flash. There is no such thing as a powerful 
language interpretator in 20 KB...


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Sorry if this matter is off-topic.

I would like to build a system which can use my low level C functions
compiled into .so files, but in interpreted mode (I mean I would like to
modify the program from web browser for example). But I am to lazy ;-) and
do not want to write a full featured parser.

First I tried ETRAX port of Perl (Special thanks for Uwe Reimann).
Unfortunately Perl is bigger than the suitable using only flash.

So I try to found an interpreter in which I can use my C functions from
dynamic library files. The better would be a C interpreter against compiler

Any ideas are welcome.



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