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Re: SV: Re: Kernel panic when using USB

Peter Fredriksson wrote:
> Hi,
> Nope, did not solve the problem. Still hangs.
> Any second attempt?

(de-etrax added to cc: list.)

By "hangs" I assume you mean you got the same debug messages in 
/proc/kmsg.  The epid attention for INVALID_EPID is related to interrupt 
traffic, and the epid attention that follows for epid 0 could be a 
result of that.

The DMA list for the isochronous channel looks sane, although the perror 
message says it isn't.  Perror typically happens for isochronous traffic 
if it won't fit in the frame, but as the DMA is set up it will try and 
transfer up to 960 bytes each frame, which should be ok (I've 
transferred 1023 bytes per frame without this problem).  But, like I 
said above, it may be caused by the epid attention interrupt for the 
interrupt channel.

I guess the application is started automatically; could you try and 
start it manually instead?  Is there anything else that loads the board 
heavily, like lots of network traffic?

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications AB