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Re: Interpreter / dynamic C libraries (.so)

I built php on my gentoo system. The ebuild used to build it enables at 
least the following features:

	econf \
		--with-bz2 \
		--enable-ftp \
		--enable-dbase \
		--with-zlib=yes \
		--enable-bcmath \
		--enable-sysvsem \
		--enable-sysvshm \
		--with-gd \
		--enable-sockets \
		--enable-cli \
		--disable-cgi \
		--enable-calendar \
		--enable-trans-sid \
		--enable-versioning \
		--enable-track-vars \
		--enable-inline-optimization \
		--with-config-file-path=/etc/php4 \
		--with-pear \
		--enable-pcntl \
		${myconf} || die "bad ./configure"

Some more features are enabled through ${myconf} based on the USE-flags. 
I had none of them enabled, so this should be ok. But I guess that some 
features are enabled through configure unless they are explicitly disabled.

I could try to build a more minimalistic version if desired. This will 
be experimental as I don't have ANY experience with php.

Best regards, Uwe

Mikael Starvik wrote:
> At axis we have used some stripped version of PHP3.0.15.
> It seams like we have quite some modifications compared
> to the original source. After strip our PHP binary
> is 218 KB. I have no idea what features that have been
> stripped.