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Problem running kflash

Hey all,

I have a problem with kflash. When try to run it i get:
	Argument "7433fc55" isn't numeric in int at 
/home/axis/devboard_82/tools/build/bin/boot_linux line 325, <FILE> line 35.
	Can't exec "etrax100boot": Argument list too long at 
/home/axis/devboard_82/tools/build/bin/boot_linux line 241.

And a second problem: I have to put the axis board into boot mode. 
Therefore, the manual says to press the boot button and reset button. 
Looking at the device i only see one button which i presume is the reset 
button. Do i have to open the case to find the second button?
Is there no other way of getting the device into boot mode (e.g. by setting 
the runlevel)