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Serial boot problems

I've been trying to use the serial boot functionality of the etrax 100LX.
I am using the latest tools, because the e100boot supplied with
the devboard_lx environment does not support serial booting.

This is what I've got so far:

-Modified devboard, to support serial boot
-connected board to PC, reset with BS1 high, BS2 low

e100boot --setreg b0000000 000095f8 --setreg b0000004 00000104
--setreg b000000c 1a200040 --setreg b0000008 00005611
--setreg b0000030 00001df0 --setreg b0000038 00001ef3
--memtest c0000000 c0800000 --serial --baudrate 9600

(setregs copied from ./flashitall -p)

Now I see the (amber) status led being switched on, so
we're definitely having a serial boot, and the etrax
clearly received something.

e100boot transmits a few blocks of data, and tells me:
# Transmission done. Just listening now.

Nothing happens.
I've also tried to add --jump 0 to force a reboot, but
still nothing seems to happen.
Looking at /proc/tty/driver/serial tells me the devboard
never sent a single character back to us (rx=0)

A few things I don't understand:

-the manual tells me that in serial boot mode, the etrax expects
784 bytes of data.
e100boot does not send a block of this size, it immediately
starts transmitting an image it calls 'INTERNAL_SER', with
size 5964.
What should be the correct size?
Why doesn't the etrax reply, not even ack's?

What should I do, step by step, to perform a serial boot with
a devboard?

Best regards,