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Problem with Developer Board

Dear Friends,

I have been successfully using the Developer board LX but today around 
11:00 am the board has stopped working.
The IP address of the board is now inaccessible. Although the network is 
working OK and so is the cable that I have connected to the board. Similarly I 
am unable to telnet or ping etc to the board.
I also tried to access the board using hyperterm and connecting the board to 
the computer COM port but it is also not responding. The connection is made 
but no username or password message comes.
The power and status LED of the borad are continuously ON. There is no 
blinking at all.
I have also tried RESET and BOOT buttons.

Can anybody give me any suggestions to test the board?? OR should I consdier 
it DEAD??
Also are there any warranties with the board?? i can't afford to spend $250 to 
buy any board.

I really need help from you guys.