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Re: Problem with Developer Board

Dear Dan,
I tried ktest as well as flashit but to no use. The messages are 

*size is 2097176 0x00200018
using internal boot loader:DBG2 - Debug on ser2
starting boot.....
we're doing a flash write, this may take up to a few minutes....
booting device with random id 00005235
nothing more to read. Read: 2097176/2097176
All written

Still I cant connect to the board even through hyperterm.
What can be done if a flashitall has been somehow done?
also what is the meaning of the STATUS (orange) LED remaining continuously ON,
when the board is reset. This turns OFF when the board is in boot mode.

urgent help required,


Quoting Dan Nelson <dan.nelson@xxxxxxx.au>:

> > Can anybody give me any suggestions to test the board?? OR should I
> consdier
> > it DEAD??
> Maybe you've corrupted the code somewhere along the way.  Have you tried
> a
> network boot (ktest)?  That should work as long as the boot section of
> the
> code is okay.  The boot section should be okay as long as you haven't
> done a
> flashitall.
> Dan