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Re: Problem with Developer Board

B.Ashraf@xxxxxxx.uk wrote:
> Dear Dan,
> I tried ktest as well as flashit but to no use. The messages are 
> *size is 2097176 0x00200018
> using internal boot loader:DBG2 - Debug on ser2
> starting boot.....
> we're doing a flash write, this may take up to a few minutes....
> booting device with random id 00005235
> nothing more to read. Read: 2097176/2097176
> All written
> Done.
> Still I cant connect to the board even through hyperterm.

Connect to the serial debug port (with sermon, which is included with 
the development kit, or hyperterm) *before* you do the ktest, and you 
will be able to catch the boot log from the board.  If the board boots 
at all, the boot log could give a good indication as to what's wrong.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications