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RE: Problem with Developer Board


Mu guess is that you try to load a Linux 2.4 firmware with boot_elinux instead of boot_linux. Maybe the PATH contains a directory that contains some other flashit than you expect? Try ./flashit and also check that ./flashit calls boot_linux (if Linux 2.4 is used).

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Dear Orjan,

Here is what i did. Although i still cant get access to the board through its IP address or through com port.

1. started SERMON
2. Put the board in boot mode
3. flashit
4. the following messages came

checksum of file is 0x00000010
CFI dev 0x800000000
NO 1x CFI at 0X84000000
NO Single x16 at 0X84000000
No Interleaved x16 at 0X84000000
0X80010000: Erasing 0x001F0000 bytes....done, verifying ...OK
0x80010000: Writing 0x001F0000 bytes....vrified

5. During the process of writing these messages the orange LED remained On continuously 6. After these messages were written the orange LED has started blinking continuously

Any suggestions

Quoting Orjan Friberg <orjan.friberg@xxxxxxx.com>:

> B.Ashraf@xxxxxxx.uk wrote:
> > Dear Dan,
> > I tried ktest as well as flashit but to no use. The messages are
> > 
> > *size is 2097176 0x00200018
> > using internal boot loader:DBG2 - Debug on ser2
> > starting boot.....
> > we're doing a flash write, this may take up to a few minutes.... 
> > booting device with random id 00005235 nothing more to read. Read: 
> > 2097176/2097176 All written
> > Done.
> > 
> > Still I cant connect to the board even through hyperterm.
> Connect to the serial debug port (with sermon, which is included with
> the development kit, or hyperterm) *before* you do the ktest, and you 
> will be able to catch the boot log from the board.  If the board boots
> at all, the boot log could give a good indication as to what's wrong.
> --
> Orjan Friberg
> Axis Communications