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RE: Problem with Developer Board (My own version of the problem)

I am almost 100% positive that I was able to network boot to test my
application with the ktest script.  I haven't done so in about a month,
and in the meantime have switched development PCs.  This is why I
started from scratch, and just wanted to net boot the default images.
Alas, I am now unable to achieve this baseline.

To answer your question, though.  I was able to at one point, yes.

Matt Matoushek

Invocon, Inc.

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Dear Matt

Amazingly I am also using Linux7.3 and the same software versions as you
Was ur board working previously and it just stopped working, as mine


Quoting Matt Matoushek <mmatoushek@xxxxxxx.com>:

> Howdy All,
> I have just got back to the project that I am using the etrax 100 LX
> board, with on and am having similar problems as bilal.  Here's a
> description:
> + Install software according to "How to Install Developer Board LX
> Software"
>   - downloaded 2.4.19 and cris patch
>   - applied per README
>   - make tools
>   - make kernel && make cris-axis-linux-gnu
>   - make install && make files && make images
> + Attempt to "test" the new images with ktest
> <ktest output>
> ./ktest
> * size is 1982464 0x001e4000
> Using internal boot loader: DBG2 - Debug on ser2.
> Starting boot...
> Booting device with random id c0fa437a.
> </ktest output>
> <DBG output>
> 0xB0000038
> 0x00001EF3
> 0xC0004000
> 0x001E4000
> </DBG output>
> And that's it.  The ktest sequence looks like it is about to begin,
> but
> then does nothing else.  I've been patient (10s of minutes, even let
> one
> sit overnight), and still nothing further.  The Status LED remains lit
> as soon as ktest is initiated.  kflash has the same results.  And
> different kimages seem to make no difference, as well.  The developer
> board will "reset" just fine, and I have captured the boot sequence. 
> If
> necessary, I'll post this for further details.
> Oh, I'm using Redhat 7.3; gcc 2.96; gcc-cris 1.25; kernel 2.4.19 (for
> etrax); devboard_lx 2.1.0
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
> --
> Matt Matoushek
> Invocon, Inc.
> www.invocon.com
> mmatoushek@xxxxxxx.com