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RE: IDE-Benchmarks


The theoretical maximum IDE performance with ETRAX 100LX is 16.67 MB/s.
With the settings used by the IDE driver in Linux 2.4 you can get
~12 MB/s (I could rant for a while about the reason for that but it
is just boring stuff). 

The SCSI interface is much faster (max 40 MB/s with wide scsi) but
SCSI has lost its popularity (and no effort has been made to port
the Linux 2.0 SCSI driver to 2.4).


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On Thu, 15 May 2003, Uwe Reimann wrote:
> are there any IDE-benchmarks for cris available? Is anybody using 
> cris' ide port at all? What are your experiences?

I recall measuring something like 7 MB/s with dd, and slightly relaxed bus timings. Of course a filesystem slows things down a bit. Generally it seems to work just fine.

If the Etrax network interface is fast enough for you, IDE should fall in the same class.