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Updated reference design for the MCM

Dear MCM developers!

please note that we have updated our reference design for
the ETRAX 100LX MCM.

The design is now forward-compatible with the planned MCM 4+16
that has 4MB Flash, and 16MB SDRAM.

In the most recent version (published today) we have corrected 
a few mistakes in the configuration for the 4+16 version. 

Please update your design according to this reference.

Best Regards
Fredrik Norrman
 Fredrik Norrman, M.Sc.E.E              Email: FredrikN@xxxxxxx.com
 Business Development Manager, OEM      Phone: +46-46-2721875
 Axis Communications                    Fax:   +46-46-136130
 Emdalavägen 14, S-223 69 Lund, Sweden