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flashing problems...

I was just able to flash my Development LX board with a new image.
Using the kflashit application I received the following message:

 [root@xxxxxxx./flashit -d eth1
* size is 2097176 0x00200018
Using internal boot loader: DBG2 - Debug on ser2.
Starting boot...
We're doing a flash write, this may take up to a few minutes...
Booting device with random id 0fc00085.
Nothing more to read. Read: 2097176/2097176
All written
[root@sealion devboard_lx]#

Unforatunately I am now unable to communicate with the board via
Ethernet or serial port.  Is there a default flash image that can be
downloaded and written to the development board?  Using a new image I
would be able to determine if the board is still operating properly.