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serious problems with the Top-Level Makefile

Hi everyone, I keep running into some show stopper problems whenever I try to
run the top-level make file.

I first noticed problems when attempting to run "make files" or "make install"
It always brings up the prompt asking for the location of the linux source code,
tries to repatch the source, then asks if I want to build all the software.  it
does this about 20 times (I suspect once for every thing in the LOCALS section
which "make files" loops through).  We've determined that the problems seems to
be called by the "install_elinux" script.  some constant isn't defined or

now, what I've tried doing is adding the files I want to the files section
before doing anything else.  seems to work, but when I make a new fimage and
attempt to flash the board, the files I need still don't seem to show up in the
right place.  Is there anyway to check the target directory and see what's going
to end up in the image?  I need to add some libraries which my application needs
to the /lib directory.

I needed to have this working yesterday, so any help you can give me is much

This is all for the DeveloperBoard 82, release 1_90, linux kernel 2.4.20, using 
make version 3.79.1, host system is Redhat Linux 7.2