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RE: serious problems with the Top-Level Makefile

> Hi everyone, I keep running into some show stopper problems whenever I
> try to
> run the top-level make file.

I suspect that you have "." in your PATH environment variable before
important direcories (such as /bin, /usr/bin etc.). Remove . from
your PATH. It's not recommended to have it in your PATH and especially
not before the bin-directories. (If you for example type "ls" in a
directory that contains an executable called ls your shell will use
the ls in your working directory, which may do nasty things.)

Whenever you need to run something in the current working directory,
just prefix it with "./" (e.g. "./ktest" instead of "ktest").

Anyways, "install" is a common program usually located in /usr/bin, but
if you have "." before "/usr/bin" in $PATH install_elinux will run the
devboard-install script (axis/devboard_82/install) instead of
/usr/bin/install. So, please remove "." in PATH, not only to be able
to build the devboard software, but for your own good.

Best regards