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Re: getting other libraries onboard

I figured this one out for those who are interested...

make files does not put anything in the /lib directory.  To accomplish this, run
"make install" in your application directory so it gets put in the target /bin
directory.  "make images" will then figure out which libraries need to go in the
/lib directory.  If there are other libraries which you need, but don't get
autotmatically included, use make files to put them in the /usr/lib directory,
which seems to work fine.


Patrick Riphagen wrote:
> On behalf of Kevin Wooley:
> One more question from me today -
> I need to load 3 other libraries onto the Devboard 82, I'd like to put
> them in the /lib directory.
> I followed the instructions on the website using the top-level makefile:
> added the file to "files/lib" ie. "files/lib/libpthread.so" and added
> the line in the Makefile under locals: "file/lib/libpthread.so 0755" \
> make files and make images seem to work, but once I flash the board, the
> library still isn't there.  Any ideas what I'm missing?  It looks like
> the file I want isn't being added to the romfs.txt file, but I hesitate
> to do this manualy.
> thanks again,
>         Kevin