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Re: FW: Axis 2100 letter

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 22:26, Philip Pfisterer wrote:
> 	During the last few months, we have written a shell
> script to run on the Axis 2100 camera server.
> 	In order to make the software more efficient and secure,
> however, we would like to compile a binary executable that
> performs the same function.  But we have not been able to
> successfully run/execute any of the binaries that we have
> compiled on the 2100, even after looking through and using
> the utilities/compilers and documentation on the Axis web site.
> 	Is it possible for us to compile a custom-written binary
> executable for the 2100?  If it is, which compiler and dev kit
> should we use to compile for the 2100, because the documentation
> on the web site does not mention anything specific to the 2100.


You should use the old devboard kit
(http://developer.axis.com/download/devboard/). Note that you may have
to link your application statically since the shared libraries on the
2100 only contains the functions actually used by the applications on
the system. The web site doesn't mention the 2100 since developing for
that platform isn't supported by Axis, but if you ask specific questions
on this mailing list we will of course try to answer.

Lars Viklund
Expert Software Engineer
Embedded Platforms
Axis Communications AB