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Re: serial port response time


You need to enable CONFIG_ETRAX_FAST_TIMER in the kernel.

Have you checked the archives of the mailing list? Check for posts
titled 'serial ports on devboard_lx' initiated by me.


On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 14:27, Kevin Wooley wrote:
> I've done a little narrowing down on this: getting a response from the ETRAX
> devboard seems to take about 160ms.
> This could be:
> 1) a read delay  for the ETRAX receiving the command, and a fast write
> 2) a fast read and a write delay
> 3) a read delay on the machine issuing the commands.
> 4) a combination of the above.
> Is there away to determine where the delay is occuring? Can chaning the kernel
> configuration reduce these delays?
> I'd rather not write my own serial driver, but if that's what it takes I'll give
> it a shot.
> thanks again,
> 	Kevin

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