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Re: serial port response time

This almost fixed things.  Thanks Lars!

Here's the situation now  - I'm running two threads.  One thread is listening
for and responding to commands on COM1 at 57600 bps.  The other thread is
capturing streaming binary data at 115200 bps.
It seems that when either thread is running on its, performance is fine, but
when both are running together, things slow down enough to be a problem.

any more ideas?  Do I need a custom interrupt based driver (have any of you
implemented one which I could try out)?  I've tried the 3 different kernel
options for the serial driver,and FAST_TIMER is the only one that seems to work
even close.

thanks again,


Lars Viklund wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 23:27, Kevin Wooley wrote:
> > I've done a little narrowing down on this: getting a response from the ETRAX
> > devboard seems to take about 160ms.
> Do you have the CONFIG_ETRAX_SERIAL_FAST_TIMER kernel config option
> enabled?