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8bit SRAM howto

Hello all,

I'm wondering what would be the best way to connect an 8 bit SRAM chip to the 
This sram is battery backed-up, used for non-volatile status storage.

The best way I've found so far is in 16bit bytewise write enable mode.
(R_BUS_CONFIG 0x100)
But something like an 8bit bytewise write enable mode would be better ;-)

I could write a driver that makes sure that bytes written to the device are 
translated to 16bit aligned write's to the SRAM, but I'm afraid that 
implementing an mmap method would be impossible.

I noticed that the shared ram interface can be configured to use 8bit mode, 
would it make any difference to configure this battery-backed-up SRAM chip as 
a shared RAM?
But I guess that does not have any effect on to the way the etrax accesses the 

Best regards,