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Problems booting kimage on new ETRAX100LX Dev Board

I've just bought an ETRAX100LX eval board and I'm having problems trying
to download my first "kimage" file that I've compiled. In other words,
what's running on the board is what was delivered from AXIS (2-4-19

I've looked thru the archives of the mailing list and found a couple of
entries that appear to be what I'm seeing, but can't find any solutions.
I'll quickly describe my setup and the problem I'm seeing.

The system I'm running under is a clean SuSE 8.2 Linux install. This is
in turn running under VMWare 4.X on a Win2K SP3 box and works quite
well. The tools I'm using are the 2_0_5 release, which has the serial
boot option. 

The problem that I'm seeing after I put the ETRAX board in "boot" mode,
is that when I try to download a kernel image into DRAM using 'ktest'
the "orange" led comes on and I get the following from the "ktest"

Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot (default).
Starting boot...

Device ID = 0xc0f90807
This bootloader was built by linas on Sun Jun 8 01:38:18 EST 2003.
Checksum of bootloader is 0x00097e20
Waiting for load info.
Checksum of file is 0x00000e34
Got load info.

and nothing else is printed on the console, until I ^C the transfer.
Interestingly if I look at the interface card stats from Win2K I can
actually see the # bytes transmitted incrementing away in 2-3K chunks
very nicely, yet nothing is coming back from the ETRAX board, not even a
extra byte.

So that's the problem. What have I done to work out whats going on. I've
tried the following things.

1/ Can point my web broweser to the ETRAX100LX board and get the index
page from the board OK.
2/ Can FTP files to the ETRAX board without any problems.
3/ Can Telnet login into the board.
4/ Used "sermon" to look at the card while ktest is running but nothing
comes from the debug port.
5/ Went into boot mode and ran the "memtest" and "memdump" options to
the bootloader to see if their was a network issue, but they run without
and problems. With the "memdump" command I tried dumping 0xffff bytes to
see if their was some corruption that would show up but I could not see
anything wrong.
6/ Tried "serial" download and it seems to download OK and I get the
"Transmission done. Listening now..." message and nothing else happens.
7/ Got a TCP/IP trace (using "ethereal") but I can't work out what is
good or bad, It's their if anyone is interested.

So that's about it. Anyone like to tell me what is going wrong ?????

Linas (Very Confused) Petras
I know not with which weapons World War III will be faught, but World
War IV will be faught with sticks and stones. - Albert Einstein.