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Re: Problems booting kimage on new ETRAX100LX Dev Board

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Linas Petras wrote:

> The problem that I'm seeing after I put the ETRAX board in "boot" mode,
> is that when I try to download a kernel image into DRAM using 'ktest'
> the "orange" led comes on and I get the following from the "ktest"
> script.
> 0xc0004000
> 0x001ee000
> and nothing else is printed on the console, until I ^C the transfer.

The problem is very likely a mismatch between the PHY ethernet setting and
the ETRAX ethernet config.
During network boot the ETRAX does not query the PHY's config after it
completes auto-negociation, but assumes 100Mb half duplex instead.
When the PHY autonegociated full duplex, and the ETRAX doesn't know about
this, you'll get the situation you describe.

Try connecting the ETRAX to a simple hub, or a cross-cable connected to an
ethernet adapter previously configured to use 100Mb half duplex, and
things might start to work for you.

Best regards,